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Management Execution Services

Management Execution Services are ongoing, onsite advisory services that facilitate an agile execution system for your senior leaders.

Engagement starts at the top. An engaged senior leadership team provides a greater opportunity for the hearts and minds of employees to be fully engaged. We help the leadership team with the challenge of remaining focused on the long-term strategy of the business while also achieving short term goals. All while balancing the demands of changing market conditions.

We partner with your senior leadership team as you invest in them. They are equipped with a professional advisor, clear and effective management processes, as well as supporting software that allows them to connect people to purpose.

Our Advisors are on-site every quarter working with your leadership team to:

  • Translate Strategic Goals into actionable road maps
  • Build annual plans
  • Quarterly focus reviews

Benefits of Management Execution Services:

  • Seasoned Advisor dedicated to establishing an ongoing, on-site partnership
  • Improved agility, transparency and results
  • Annual planning workshop (one day)
  • Quarterly workshop to review progress against goals and adjust if needed (one-half day)
  • Annual operating plans and individual plans for the senior team that align with your strategic plan
  • Clear goals and projects for the year
  • Smart management software where all plans, goals, and projects are integrated in a central database for easy access and reporting
  • Powerful, customizable Dashboards to see all of your work and to monitor your team’s progress
  • Better resource allocation between “running the organization” and “changing it”
  • Ongoing access to your Advisor

Take the change deeper into your organization and unlock the potential of key workgroups by connecting them to the strategic plan with the Workgroup Execution Services. To learn more, please ask us about these services.

Agile Execution Management

Workgroup Execution Services

The Workgroup Execution Services are designed to work with one workgroup at a time to align strategy, operations and individuals around shared purpose.

We help you create teams of highly engaged people who collaborate and innovate to get the important things done.

Studies have shown that companies with low employee engagement scores underperform companies with more engaged employees by up to 1/3 in lower operating income.

We partner with you to unlock the potential of your workforce by engaging their hearts and minds in the shared purpose of your organization.

With the Workgroup Execution Services, teams and individuals see how their daily work connects to the strategic plan. There is increased thought leadership, and needed facts and feedback is provided to leaders, allowing them to make better strategic decisions for the organization.

Results happen as the team works in the following manners:

1) Planning

  • Each group will define “what we will be good at” and how to measure it.
  • Set priorities for the year and for the next quarter based on the strategic vision and change initiatives.
  • Set targets and identify projects to improve measures.
  • Update and revise plans in quarterly and weekly check-in meetings.

2) Check-Ins

  • Individuals complete brief weekly check-ins.
  • Group check-ins to identify at-risk projects and revise plans.
  • Quarterly 1:1 check-in meetings with direct reports.
  • Annual check-ins utilizing actual data from weekly/quarterly work and annual multi-rater feedback.

3) Leveraging Software

  • Run effective meetings with clear agendas and assignment tracking within the software.
  • Use functionality for goal-setting, plan building, tracking actions, monitoring project progress, and weekly, quarterly, and annual check-ins.
  • Build and customize dashboards to manage key processes.
  • Leverage real time communication.
  • Mobile integration allows users to access and edit dashboard, projects, and actions from any location.

Benefits of Workgroup Execution Services:

  • Well defined responsibilities for every worker
  • High priority projects clearly identified
  • Individual weekly check-ins provide real accountability and develop personal responsibility to get the important things done
  • Build teamwork with weekly team meetings to catch issues early and commit people to action
  • Quarterly 1:1’s between team leaders and team members help your managers coach rather than command
  • Annual multi-rater feedback from peers and customers on how well individuals fulfill their responsibilities
  • Annual check-ins pivot from performance review to long-term personal and professional development by using quarterly check-in data and multi-rater feedback

We can train and certify internal coaches from your organization to work with your workgroups. Our Advisors will train, mentor, and regularly (monthly) check-in with each internal coach.