Achieve a Better Tomorrow by moving toward best in class.

Best Practice Assessment

Many times, business leaders are so focused in on the day-to-day tasks of running the business, they can lose the perspective to identify what really holds the organization back from achieving greater success. Understanding the opportunities with the greatest impact to move toward best in class can spark awareness within your team, prompting them to commit to change even before proposing anything concrete.

How much would you value objective input that achieves this result?

We conduct a comprehensive survey and analysis that compares your organization’s current business practices to proven best practices, providing you with concrete opportunities for improvement.

The Best Practice Assessment is a research validated employee survey that covers 65 best practices which strongly correlate to performance and employee engagement. To draw out the maximum value from this report, an expert advisor will brief you on the findings.

Benefits of the Best Practice Assessment will be a detailed 40-page report that includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Color-coded rating of 65 best practices
  • Employee Net Promoter Score results
  • Department by department comparisons
  • Alignment gaps identified by role
  • Insightful and candid employee comments

Upon completion of the Best Practice Assessment, a good next step is to breakdown the results with the top leaders of your organization in a Building Purpose-Driven Organizations Workshop. Some organizations may also choose to turn the new list of priorities and possible changes into a strategic plan with a Strategic Planning Workshop.

Building Purpose-Driven Organizations Workshop

Top leaders often see a lot of opportunities for improvement that could take the business to the next level. But which changes have the best ROI? Facilitating change can be difficult and costly. Therefore, growing organizations want smarter decision-making tools.

The smartest resource available is often the top leaders in an organization. What if you could pull together all of their best thinking and critical change momentum could be set in motion simply through a truly collaborative process?

The Building Purpose-Driven Organizations Workshop guides your top leaders through a collaborative process that transforms the Best Practice Assessment into a consolidated and prioritized list of improvement opportunities for your business.

The Building Purpose-Driven Organizations Workshop is an effective way to expose key leaders to information needed to prioritize the best, next changes. This mindful change management moves people from compliant to committed.

Benefits of the Build Purpose-Driven Organizations Workshop:

  • Top three priorities for each best practice area
  • Consolidated report of priorities from all workshop groups
  • A workbook for every leader with table exercises, key concepts, and hints & tips
  • An opportunity for cross-functional team building
  • Positive momentum for the best change opportunities

After this workshop, leaders are committed to the right changes for the right reasons. Learning can be transferred to front-line workers when each leader repeats the process for their team in a one-hour format. The prioritized list can also be turned into a strategic plan with a Strategic Planning Workshop.

Our Best Practice Services will identify concrete ways to improve your organization.